Hot shrink sleeve on Coca-Cola

The role of shrink sleeves is to help many brands improve product awareness and market value.

Heat shrink sleeves are labels that apply to a container and heat shrink according to the outline of the container. In today's market, only by showing its advantages over other products can it stand out from the assortment of supermarket shelves. Therefore, it is very important to have “shelf appeal”. The heat-shrink sleeve label can match the perfect design idea because of its colorful appearance, so that your product is different.

The shrink sleeve label can print up to ten colors. It can also match the product's promotional concept and market positioning with special decorative effects, images and shapes.

The advantages of shrink sleeves:

> Provide an overall promotional and decoration program (bottle 360° labeling);
> Suitable for metal, glass and plastic packaging containers;
> Provide special decorative effects such as thermoforming/photo/texture and metallic effects to enhance visual impact;
> Has a good sealing effect (keeping the freshness and safety of the product).
Heat Shrink Sleeve Advantages:
> Very good visual impact;
> High quality decorative effect;
> Special shapes for decorative;
> Suitable for a variety of materials, such as metals, glass, plastics;
> Reduced inventory costs;
> Reduced order-to-delivery time;
> 360° top decorative effect;
> Can use UV printing, flexo printing and gravure printing;
> Provide special effects such as holograms.

After satisfying the request of Coca-Cola Mexico, ITW Auto-Sleeve has used flexible shrink sleeve labels to win an opportunity to demonstrate its superior economy and efficiency. Coca-Cola Mexico has always believed ITW Auto-Sleeve's stretchability of the sleeves, but has previously used gravure printing shrink sleeve labels until ITW Auto-Sleeve's flexo printing sleeves passed the test. The original gravure eventually encountered the fate of being replaced.

Mr. John Krukemeyer, Prepress Manager at ITW Auto-Sleeve, said: “The Coca-Cola Mexican company liked their previous gravure shrink sleeve labels, but after seeing our flexo printing shrink sleeve labels, it transformed their Values ​​and ideas: In order to get better quality labels, they tried several times between flexographic printing and gravure printing, and the experiment proved that the flexographic printing shrink sleeves were superior and eventually used for the first time in a batch of Christmas promotional drinks. This set of labels.

This shrink sleeve is made of PVC and is used on 500 ml glass bottles of Coca-Cola beverages. The festive seven-color design and excellent printing quality make Coca-Cola Mexico very satisfied. Mr. Roy Marschke, Managing Director of ITW Auto-Sleeve, proudly stated: “Our printed shrink sleeve labels passed the rigorous testing of Coca-Cola, and the long-term happy cooperation with Coca-Cola is also the key to our victory.”

Source: Modern Packaging

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