Hard shell box with hinged lid for tobacco products

Patent Name Hard Shell Package with Hinged Cover for Tobacco Products Patent Applicant Gyalit Corporation Principal Applicant Address Bologna, Italy Inventor F. Della Gabriel Application (Patent) No. 02822255.5 Date of Application 2002.10.29 Issue Date Auditing Announcement No. 1585718 Auditing Announcement Date 2005.02.23 Instruction CD-ROM D0508 Main Classification No. B65D85/10 Classification No. B65D85/10 Subsidiary Original Patent Application Serial Number Priority Citation Abstract A Hard Shell Package Box with Hinged Cover for Tobacco Products Appears as a container (3) with an open end (4), and a lid (5) hinged to the container (3) and thus rotatable between the open and closed positions (4), also With a reinforcing frame (15) protruding from the open end (4) and having at least two side panels (19), the side panels (19) are designed to correspond to the two corresponding flank surfaces of the cover (5) when the package is closed. (13) The inside contact. In order to hold the cover (5) more firmly in the closed position, the inner side of each side ventral surface (13) is formed with a freely projecting tongue (52) which is freely bent to return when the cover (5) is closed In position, the tongue (52) will be positioned within an opening (55) formed in a slot (54) formed in the corresponding side panel (19) of the frame (15). Sovereignty item 1. A hard-shell package with a hinged lid for tobacco products, the package comprising a container (3) having an open end (4) and a hinged connection to the container (3) and thus A cover (5) that can be turned between the open and closed positions of the open end (4), and a frame (15) that protrudes from the open end (4) and has at least two side panels (19), the at least two The side panels (19) are designed to be in contact with the inner side of the corresponding flank surface (13) presented by the cover (5) when the cover occupies the closed position, characterized in that the side faces of the cover (5) are each The inner side of (13) has a freely protruding tongue (52), each side panel (19) of frame (15) has a groove (54) providing an opening (55), and said opening (55) At least a portion of the tongue (52) that will freely protrude correspondingly will be accommodated.

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