The Deepening of Modern Commodity Packaging (I)

Modern packaging has comprehensive functions such as effective protection of goods, convenient storage and transportation, and sales promotion. The goods are packaged to show their personality and style. Economically developed countries such as the United States, Germany, and Japan attach great importance to commodity packaging, and packaging education has also developed rapidly. Since the 1980s, China has actively learnt from the experiences of developed countries, such as the United States, Germany, and Japan, in training packaging engineering talents, and has explored a multi-level and multi-form packaging education system that is suitable for China's higher education system. Nurturing a large number of packaging and technological talents has basically eased the urgent needs of the packaging industry for packaging technology talents. At the same time, China's packaging industry grows at an average annual rate of 15%, which is higher than the growth rate of 40 major industries in the national economy. It has already ranked 14th, effectively promoting the accumulation of social material wealth and spiritual wealth, and is known as a powerful one. The sunrise industry of vitality.

Looking back to the twentieth century, China’s packaging education has gone through a difficult process and has also achieved fruitful results. The start of educational projects in the new century has brought higher opportunities and more severe challenges to higher education. In the face of fierce education competition, packaging education should base itself on the characteristics and direction of development of the packaging industry and persist in providing intellectual resources for the packaging industry. The fundamental purpose is to actively promote professional construction and cultivate complex talents suitable for the development needs of modern packaging industry.

2 Characteristics and Development Direction of Packaging Industry in China

2.1 Overview of China's Packaging Industry Development

After the Second World War, the packaging industry developed rapidly in the United States, Germany, Japan and other economically developed countries. Since the 1980s, China's packaging industry has also made considerable progress. Now, China’s packaging industry has changed the status of “first-class products, second-class packaging, and third-class prices” in the past. The economic benefits of depreciation, efficiency gains, and savings that have been achieved through packaging improvements each year are about 5 billion yuan, and bear 3 The trillions of billions of yuan in industrial and agricultural products and more than 1,000 billion U.S. dollars worth of export goods have played an important supporting role in the development of the national economy for industrial and agricultural products, light industrial products, food, beverages, and mechanical and electrical products.

2.2 Characteristics and Development Direction of Packaging Industry in China

The characteristics and development direction of China's packaging industry are mainly reflected in the following four aspects:

(1) Larger scale, relatively complete categories and varieties. The packaging industry mainly covers the following six areas:

· Paper product packaging, such as paper boxes, cartons, paper bags, paper cups, paper cans;

· Flexible packaging, such as plastic, plastic/plastic, paper/plastic, paper/plastic/aluminium foil;

· Metal container packaging, such as metal cans, barrels, hoses;

· Glass containers for graves, such as bottles and cans;

Plastic packaging, such as PET bottles, foam cushioning packaging materials;

• Collection packaging, such as wooden boxes, pallets, containers, container bags, etc.

(2) Formed a packaging and printing industry with a relatively complete range of categories, capable of providing services for industries such as light industry, food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, home appliances, health products, cosmetics, toys, and services, and possessing a certain degree of competitiveness in the international market. At present, there are about 6,000 packaging and printing companies in and out of the county. In 1998, the output value was about 31.6 billion yuan, which is increasing at an average rate of 10% every year.

(3) The development of the packaging industry should be coordinated with the development of environmental protection. With the further development and improvement of modern packaging, green packaging has received universal attention. Humanity is actively seeking to make full use of renewable resources, save natural resources and reduce energy consumption to obtain packaging and the environment without polluting the environment and protecting human health. Virtuous circle. The “Green Project Plan” being implemented in China puts forward a green requirement for product packaging, with special emphasis on the promotion and application of green packaging materials and the recycling, disposal, and reuse of packaging waste.

(4) Anti-counterfeit packaging technology has been highly valued by the society and the industry. Fake and shoddy products flood the market, seriously disturbing the market order of the company's competition. It is the second largest public hazard in the world after drug trafficking. Anti-counterfeiting packaging technology has become the protection of the safe production and circulation of tobacco, alcohol, drugs, food, cosmetics and other commodities. Important strategy.

Looking at the characteristics and development direction of China's packaging industry, it is clear that the packaging industry is a cross-industry emerging industry, covering a wide range, the system needs a lot of complex talents to master modern packaging technology. Therefore, China's packaging education should be based on the characteristics and development trend of modern packaging industry, adhere to the fundamental purpose of providing intellectual resources for the packaging industry, further enrich and improve the theoretical system of packaging disciplines, broaden the professional construction ideas, optimize course setting and teaching content, Cultivate complex talents that meet the needs of the modern packaging industry.

(to be continued)

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