Hou Pei Cen back COBO woven handbag charm appeared in the streets of New York

Patty Hou, born December 20, 1978 in Taipei, Taiwan, China female artist. Patty Hou with a sweet smile, dignified and elegant temperament as Taiwan TV station anchor scene, but also the hearts of Taiwan people intellectual, gentle goddess. Out of the anchor station, Patty Hou is the major fashion brands live type signboard. Late autumn season, Hou anchor fashion debut in New York streets, make full of mature oriental charm. Picture from "Ruili Yi people fashion" official WeChat Even private shopping, Patty Hou's dress is still revealing a consistent intellectual style, long red coat with COBO red woven bag, casual loose hairstyle, New York shopping paradise in Patty appear elegant and casual, from time to time to attract passers-by. Picture from "Ruili Yi people fashion" official WeChat Hou Hou anchorman carry this COBO candy color woven bag, body bow knot imported water dyed cowhide leather woven, exudes such as pearl-like moist, elegant luster, it is consistent with Patty Cen temperament; moderate length shoulder Back the chain lining slender body posture, more successful to create the body's visual focus. Patty Hou intellectual, competent yet gentle temperament of the workplace OL made a good match with the model. With a sweet smile with COBO candy color knit bag, you heart it?

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