Black ceramic small meat drive Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor chronograph

2016 is still a year of practical conservatism. As a result, many new tables have adopted the strategy of changing colors or stainless steel models. The Master Compressor ceramic timing master series under the Jaeger-LeCoultre is no exception. Blue color debut, semi-hollow blue with blue time scale mark, as a whole refreshing, because compared to the previous years, most of the styles are black and white white and red chronograph hands, black and white gold chronograph hand pointer , So the new Master Compressor ceramic timing master series introduced this time, the overall style of the watch with a lot of young color, gray face plate, small white dial and blue needle color, make this in the name of adventure The watch also gives an endless stream of vitality and vitality, the strap is more sewn with blue stitching, the same strain of series 46mm large diameter, with a black ceramic body, masculine and vibrant, the new color is worth to start . The use of black ceramic watch as the case of ceramic master series watch, the overall shape of the case is quite neat lines, The lugs also made a radian handle, making it more sticky, while the timing and the crown is stainless steel, This color hopping approach is the consistent design of ceramic timing master series. Master Compressor's product is not afraid to hit the ceramic body Ceramic case as early as a few years ago blew the altar table whirlwind, and now it seems that although many brands have ceramic watches, but to carefully study the practice of each brand, in fact, is still different, each used Techniques have made the ceramic body have different hardness, such as Jaeger used high-tech ceramics, is to zirconia as raw material, then add a small amount of yttrium bonding, the two materials at a high temperature of 2000 degrees After the pressure firing, the product also used X-ray inspection of ceramic finish firing degree, and finally re-engraved case of 2000 degrees high temperature lines to make it more neat, in such a complicated process, and finally completed Ceramic watch body has twice the hardness of stainless steel, and both as light as titanium, the product under such strict checks, often suspect ceramic hardness is not a problem. ▲ three small chronograph watch are white, especially the small seconds of the cross-scale with fresh color people put it down, Table to retain the original ladder-shaped three-dimensional time scale, change the design of the gray face plate, Match the blue minute scale with a rather dynastic taste. Jaeger LeCoultre's Master Compressor brand new color design orientation In the past, the series of ceramic timing gurus was not the contrasting color of the whole black face plate with the white needles, but also the design of the gold needles with the rose gold body. All of them are a kind of seemingly more basic color design. However, the new 2016 has created a new atmosphere The previous generation of black face plate changed to gray, the pointer from the white semi-hollow pointer to the blue side of the white needle, the red chronograph pointer also changed to blue face show people, the past common white minute scale from white to refreshing blue Color matching, with blue suture strap, the overall gives a very refreshing and younger design orientation, this new color change practice in the general brand product line is very common, but Jaeger-LeCoultre this obvious and before Several generations of different design orientation, it can be said that the brand positioning for the ceramic timing master series has changed, in fact, the timing of the two places and chronograph function is basically in line with the preferences of the young market, I believe the new color It is bound to be supported by the young people. ▲ many brands will move their brains on their own crown to ensure the watch's waterproof or to avoid the user's operation errors, the product family ceramic timing master series is based on exclusive technology, as long as the crown half a week, The crown can be stuck, in order to enhance the safety of watch models. Master's Compressor under the flagship of the security crown lock function Ceramic timing master series not only on the appearance of dazzling, also considered in the actual operation quite a number of conditions, because the ceramic timing master series in the name of adventure, it means that this table must be up and down the sea can, so this Series crown has a practical waterproof function of the lock, which is the product of an exclusive patented technology, as long as the compression screw crown half a week can make the crown four ring seal pressed, and then be fixed in safety Position, in order to avoid inadvertent movement during the operation. Master Compressor Chronograph Ceramic Ceramic Master Chronograph watch series Black ceramic material / 757 self-winding movement / hours, minutes and seconds, date display / chronograph function / two time display / day and night display / sapphire crystal mirror / watch diameter 46mm / waterproof 100 m / limited 500 ★ If you want to start: And the previous generation of very different black and white color, the new refreshing color with a refreshing, to re-launch ceramic master clock series of new weather, in order to attack the younger market, gray face plate with blue minute scale, and half Pierced blue white needle, three colors added by the young atmosphere is self-evident, with signs of the 46mm signs large table diameter, the global limited of only 500 and equipped with 757 automatic movement, reliable 28,800vph Zhenzheng , As well as the exclusive patented crown security lock system, the most rammed time and timing functions of both places, coupled with this new color design, the new ceramic timing guru can be very charming. 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